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The use of ceramics in the semiconductor ,MEMS,solar ,optical etc industry is increasing due to the desirable combinations of electrical mechanical and physical properties uniquely found in ceramics. As integrated circuit manufacturers are in the pursuit to make chips faster,smaller at less cost,semiconductor fabrication equipment companies are more and more relying on advanced ceramic components to achieve the desired performance,with the improvement of ceramic purity, formula and forming technology ,ceramic components will play a much more important role in semiconductor, MEMS,solar and optical manufacturing.


Ceramic components and brazed ceramic-to-metal assemblies can be used in the following semicon equipment : 

  • deposition & ion implant equipment
  • wet spin-etch equipment
  • failure-analysis equipment
  • electrostatic chucks


SemiXicon offer the following ceramic products:

  • rings, plates, frames for reactors
  • high-voltage insulators
  • end-effectors
  • lifting pins & guides
  • heating plates
  • insulating plates for E-chucks
  • Porous ceramic chuck tables
  • wafer polishing and grinding carriers


Ceramic materials we have formulated in house for the demanding semicondutor industry : 

  • alumina – 95 to 99% (aluminium oxide)
  • aluminium nitride (AlN)
  • Silicon Nitride
  • silicon carbide – sintered and CVD (SiC)
  • Zirconia
  • macor ®
  • quartz
  • sapphire