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Graphene materials brings semiconductor industry from nanometer to atomic

Graphene’s unique properties make it suitable for wireless or radio frequency communications, it has better electrical, mechanical ,optical and thermal properties that could make it cost effective and energy efficient than silicon material which has dominating the semiconductor industry for more than half a century.
The rudimentary semiconductor chip built by IBM shows exciting progress in semiconductor industry on atomic scale. Graphene may provide a feasible solution to build faster ,cheaper and more powerful chips with possible applications such as wireless communications, graphene based chips could enable mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or wearable electronics to transmit much faster data than current silicon based chips. Per IBM, “graphene radio devices could enable pervasive wireless communications , such as cheap smart sensors and radio frequency identification tags that send signals over long distance”. Right now, RFID tags have extremely limited range.
Currently Semixicon is conducting researching on graphene materials coating on our ceramic chuck tables, we are following the latest advancement in graphene material closely and certain investment made with caution.